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2016 Jefferson Award Recipients

The Jeannette Public Library was once again (for the second time) granted a prestigious local Jefferson award for 2016! For more information on the Jefferson award, check out our Jefferson Award History PDF!

2012 Jefferson Award Recipients

Now known as the "Nobel Prize for Volunteerism," the Jefferson Award is named after Founding Father Thomas Jefferson.  The Award honors citizens for their achievements and contributions through public and community service.

The Funding Volunteers of Jeannette Public Library are 2012 Jefferson Award Recipients.

2012 Jefferson Award Recipients

Left to Right in the picture above are Chris Gavatorta, Clarice Smith, Joann Billheimer, Louise Hall, and Betty Dopkowski.

Jefferson AwardsPutting in over 400 volunteer hours for over 3 years, the Funding Volunteers of Jeannette Library have helped the library raise more than $82,000, loan out over 106,000 items (including books, DVDs, and CDs), and serve more than 38,000 patrons a year.

We thank our volunteers for their dedicated efforts and for this much deserved honor and recognition of their contributions to our library and our community.  THANK YOU!


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